There is a friendly space for entrepreneurs on the Internet. is a place is an interactive platform home to thousands of business leaders and companies. It’s a place where the Internet-time stopped. Sharing knowledge in form of articles, news, events, workshops are the key currency there combined with trust through a nifty network of cooperation of members.

Competitor to Linkedin, Facebook, fiverr, meetup, Eventbrite, zoo and Hubspot, Entnest is the Swiss knife for business people. Geneva-based, the platform has a global reach. Which comes in handy for reaching out to startups around the world, but also to local SME’s, multi-nationals and international organizations.

The best part of are the friendly people who make this business platform an outstanding place on the Internet.

Interested to have a peek? Here is a link to test the invite-only site:

What is your experience with How may business deals have you started there?

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