Remember your office in the 90’s? Pencils and paper everywhere, Bookshelves stacked with books providing information. Customer contact was maintained by writing a letter and mailing it, News and orders came in by fax or even still by telex. Scalability was an issue but not a concern. Uhh, remember that Rolodex?

And today? A laptop will provide a bit more comfort to a usual office worker. However, a tablet is often enough to do the same job. Processes have intuitively or consciously been adapted to move from phone and paper to an email culture. A recent Nielsen study reported by CNN indicates that 10 hours and 39 minutes each day are spent with a screen. 

Desk Evolution

Desks have changed!

This gif provides a hilarious visualization of the changes on our desks in the past 20 years. BGR reports that the image originates from Best Reviews.