Entnest.com – a Linkedin for companies

Entnest.com – a Linkedin for companies

There is a friendly space for entrepreneurs on the Internet.
Entnest.com is a place is an interactive platform home to thousands of business leaders and companies. It’s a place where the Internet-time stopped. Sharing knowledge in form of articles, news, events, workshops are the key currency there combined with trust through a nifty network of cooperation of members.

Competitor to Linkedin, Facebook, fiverr, meetup, Eventbrite, zoo and Hubspot, Entnest is the Swiss knife for business people. Geneva-based, the platform has a global reach. Which comes in handy for reaching out to startups around the world, but also to local SME’s, multi-nationals and international organizations.

The best part of Entnest.com are the friendly people who make this business platform an outstanding place on the Internet.

Interested to have a peek? Here is a link to test the invite-only site:

What is your experience with Entnest.com? How may business deals have you started there?

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Business Network International, BNI. What is this ?

Business Network International, BNI. What is this ?

Business Network International, BNI. What is this ?

I am a member of a group called Business Network International, BNI, to raise visibility of my company, engage with other entrepreneurs and grow my business.

BNI has a network of local groups, “chapters”, which are usually around 30- 50 members strong, meet once a week and act as the sales persons for all the other members. Each profession is represented only once in the team.

Larger communities have two, three chapters. London has a hundred, Paris some 60 chapters. In Zurich there are five chapters, Geneva counts three. A member in one team can visit all other groups.

The value add of BNI is in the huge network potential as well as the business generated. On a global level, the 270000 BNI members generated in the last 12 months US$ 16.7 billion and the the 2700 Swiss members reached US$ 320 million of business though the network.

The choice of group is determining BNI member success along with the application of the BNI tools and success processes.

This makes BNI is a marketing tool for any business.

Interacting and knowing fellow BNI members is crucial to translate the BNI experience into a high ROI act and to grow business.

Not sure if BNI is right for you ? Come and have a look to find out. I’d be happy to invite you to a meeting! Drop me a line at BNI@growthdriver.biz



One of the BNI marketing tools are the well referenced profiles for BNI Switzerland members

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