To startup, many skills are required. Experience is also of advantage

To startup, many skills are required. Experience is also of advantage. Photo

The business plan is ready, the marketing strategy is set and yet many more issues to consider for a startup

The small business and startup magazine Inc. just published an article on common mistakes startups are observing. When building up, looking out for potential early pitfalls is key to sustainable growth. Thus, when writing your business plan, actively reducing potential issues is a critical success factor for startups. 


No matter how brilliant your startup idea is, there are mistakes to avoid:

* Aiming for the mass market and avoid to target a niche market
* Showing the business model is working, and you can generate revenue through recurring sales from early on
* Keeping your expenses low, when the income is growing
* Your first business model might not be your last one! Be open-minded and see what works and what does not.


For startups: Business plan review with an accountant, marketer and a business strategist

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The biggest mistakes in a startup

The biggest mistakes in a startup. Photo: